This private keyboard collection was originally formed in Bristol, UK by Kenneth Mobbs (b. 1925) and his late wife Mary (1925-2012). It grew in importance to become one of the most significant in the British Isles. Five of its early pianos are on public display at the York Gate Collection Museum in the Royal Academy of Music, London, where they are on permanent loan. Five were donated to the Edinburgh University Collection of Musical Instruments. Most of the others are now in New Zealand, in the care of the fortepianist and concert organist Kemp English and his wife, Helen, a relative of Kenneth.

Kenneth Mobbs, formerly Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Bristol, U.K., has retired from professional keyboard recital activity. He now issues CDs of recordings of himself playing on instruments in his collection, and of other recitals of him playing on modern piano and organ.

Mary Mobbs, his late wife, was a very keen amateur musician (singer, pianist and bassoonist) and a former professional harpsichord soundboard painter. Letter Cards using photographs of some of the instruments she decorated are now available.

Details of these, and further information about Kenneth and Mary and the Collection can be found on subsequent pages.

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